By Squee.

How to Build a High Quality Business Website

An artistic representation of ROI in web design, such as a graph or chart rising from a laptop screen, with elements of web design like icons and code around it. This would visually convey the concept of high ROI from quality web design.

When it comes to building a website for your business, the difference between opting for a quick, low-cost solution and investing in a high-quality, user experience (UX) focused website can be monumental. As reported by Forrester, every pound invested in UX has potential to bring a return of £100 – that could be a ROI of 9,900%. The message is clear: skimping on your website’s quality might save money upfront, but it leaves significant potential revenue untapped.

Why Quality Matters More Than Ever in Web Design

Your business website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. A website that’s not just functional, but also intuitive, engaging, and reflective of your brand’s values, can be the difference between a one-time visitor and a lifelong customer. 94% of a businesses first impressions relate to their website design so getting this right really is pivotal for success online.

While platforms like Wix or Squarespace offer quick solutions, they often lack the customisation and depth required to truly capture the essence of a business and its unique needs. This is where the process of building a high-quality website comes into play – a process that, while more involved, offers substantial returns on investment.

The Process of Building Top Quality Business Websites

  1. Information Gathering: This initial phase involves understanding your business goals, target audience, and what you want your website to achieve. It includes discussions, calls, and detailed questionnaires.
  2. Competitor and Market Analysis: Here, we dive into what your competitors are doing and analyse market trends. This ensures your website not only meets industry standards but sets new ones.
  3. Low Fidelity Designs & Sitemaps: This step involves creating basic layouts of your website – a blueprint that gives a visual structure to initial ideas.
  4. High Fidelity Designs: Using tools like Figma, we then create detailed, polished designs of your website. This is where your site starts to take on a life of its own and you can truly visualise your new business website.
  5. Revisions and Feedback: Your input is crucial. This stage allows for back-and-forth feedback to refine and perfect the design.
  6. Development: Our developers bring the designs to life using WordPress, ensuring that the site is not only beautiful but also robust and functional.
  7. Testing and Client Feedback on a Test Site: Before going live, we rigorously test the site on a private subdomain. This includes checking for bugs, usability issues, and getting final feedback from you.
  8. Sign Off: Once you’re completely happy with the test site, we move towards final approval.
  9. Live Deployment: Your site goes live for the world to see. It’s a big moment, marking the transition of your digital presence from concept to reality.
  10. Monitoring Metrics: Using tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar, we track how users interact with your site, providing insights for continuous improvement.

Why This Process Is Essential

This comprehensive process, though intricate, is crucial for aligning your website with your business objectives and potential. The most successful businesses know that a website is more than just an checkbox exercise; it’s a powerful tool for engagement, conversion, and growth.

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