By Squee.

Reasons Why Mobile and Tablet Web Design Can’t Be Overlooked

Mobile, tablet and watch

Have you ever wondered what people really think about your website? Well, here’s something to think about: 83% of internet users say having a website that works well on any device is vital. That’s a lot of people expecting a solid experience whether they’re scrolling through their phone, tapping on their tablet, or clicking away on their desktop.

Understanding How Your Website Is Viewed

First things first, do you know how people are actually viewing your site? Tools like Google Analytics can give you a pretty good picture. It can show you whether visitors prefer their phones, tablets, or computers. If your site isn’t up to scratch on any of these, you might not just lose a potential sale; you could be chipping away at your business’s reputation.

Designing for Every Device

For Mobile Phones

  1. Speed Matters: Nobody likes waiting, especially on their phones. Make sure your site loads quickly to keep everyone happy.
  2. Thumb-Friendly Design: Think about how we all use our phones. Your site needs to be easy to navigate with just one thumb.
  3. Cut to the Chase: With such a small screen, get straight to the point. Only show the essentials to avoid overwhelming your visitors.

For Tablets

  1. Flexibility Is Key: Tablets can be used in portrait or landscape, so your site needs to look good no matter how it’s held.
  2. Tap-able Elements: Buttons and links should be easy to tap with a finger, without needing to zoom in or squint.
  3. Just Right Content: Tablets offer more space than phones but less than desktops. Meaning a need to find that perfect balance for content and images.

For Computers

  1. Use the Space Wisely: You’ve got room to breathe on desktops, so use it to offer more detailed information and engaging visuals.
  2. Interactive Extras: With a mouse, you can add cool hover effects that make your site more interactive and fun to use.
  3. In-Depth Information: Desktop users might spend more time on your site, so feel free to go into more detail where it counts.

Not Sure If Your Site Makes the Grade?

If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about all this optimisation talk, there’s no need to worry. It can be tricky to figure out if your website is doing its best everywhere, from phones to desktops.

That’s where a web design audit could really help. It’s like a health check for your site, showing you what’s working well and what might need a tweak here and there. It’s a straightforward way to make sure your website is up to scratch, helping your business shine online and get ahead of the competition.

How Squee Can Help

At Squee, the Cheltenham based Web Design Agency, we’re all about making sure your website isn’t just good, but great — no matter how your visitors are viewing it. We can take a deep dive into your site with a full web design audit, spotting any snags and suggesting ways to make it even better, which includes not just an optimised design but a website that can be used by everyone. Because at Squee we champion inclusivity and accessibility. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help.