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Tasked with the mission to forge a digital sanctuary for the budding Bespoke Build Services brand, Squee embarked on a journey to construct a versatile online platform. This foundation needed to accommodate a myriad of user pathways and serve as a beacon of inspiration, fostering both business growth and partner value. The challenge was clear: to seamlessly meld the intricacies of bespoke craftsmanship with accessible digital space, thereby creating a hub that would resonate with clients and stakeholders alike.


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Design Process

Collaborating closely with the visionary company owner, our design phase took shape, culminating in a series of low-fidelity prototypes that would serve as the blueprint for Bespoke Build Services' digital presence. Together, we meticulously curated the essential content, ensuring it found its optimal placement on the homepage. With a keen focus on accessibility, the newly minted company phone number was strategically positioned, standing out as a beacon of contact, inviting prospective clients to connect with unparalleled craftsmanship. Every design element was meticulously curated to not only reflect the essence of the brand but also to ensure seamless user experience and effortless navigation. This phase was a testament to our commitment to marrying form and function, resulting in a design that is both aesthetically captivating and operationally intuitive.

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Crafting Excellence

For the Bespoke Build Services project, our team utilized WordPress as the foundation for development, harnessing its flexibility and robust features. The website was meticulously crafted to be fully responsive, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices. Prior to deployment, rigorous testing was conducted to verify functionality, compatibility, and performance on various browsers and devices. This comprehensive testing phase guaranteed the website's usability and reliability. Adhering to the specified deadline was paramount, and our team implemented efficient project management and development practices to ensure timely delivery. This approach reflects our commitment to delivering a high-quality, responsive, and timely solution for the Bespoke Build Services project, showcasing our dedication to exceeding client expectations. Want to work together? Lets talk.

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“Worked with Squee and Joe on our site and absolutely delighted with how it turned out. Great design, quality development and quick responses to any issues I had. Strongly recommend.”

James Barker, Managing Director